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The future of work

  • Make work easily accesible

  • Use your organization’s full potential

  • Improve sustainable employability

Foto van een jonge werknemer die heel blij zou worden van Part-up.

Building a maneuverable organization

Part-up makes work clear and accessible. The platform easily cuts projects into tasks. Part-up matches these tasks with available talent from all corners of the organization.

Developing talent

Have employees explore new activities within their current positions, giving them new energy. Let everyone do what they are good at and grow by learning.

What our clients say

What do the actual people in organizations think of Part-up?

There’s so much untapped potential in the workplace. With Part-up, you’ll be able to quickly find available employees for any tasks.

Menno Lanting Author and expert

Who we are

Part-up was founded to make work more fun, social and effective by organizing it differently.

We support organizations and provide the platform to make work and talent accessible. With our smart matching algorithms we organize work effectively and flexibly across the borders of positions, teams and organizations.
All while keeping everyone happy with suitable and educational work. The future of work!