The Part-up platform matches employees to tasks that fit them

Improve sustainable employability

Save on labour costs

Use your organization’s full potential

Building a maneuverable organization

Part-up makes work clear and accessible. The platform easily cuts projects into tasks. Part-up matches these tasks with available talent from all corners of the organization. Employees will become broadly oriented and more employable than their own current position.


Developing talent

Have employees explore new activities within their current positions, giving them new energy, across all departments. Let everyone do what they are good at. Use all of your talent base and develop talent by doing.

Part-Up Reinier-de-Graaf

“Part-up matches our work very quickly with the internal and external help we get offered. As a result, we are making better use of the capacity of our employees and volunteers by utilising all their talents.

Ramses van Rijn

HR Director

Reinier de Graaf Groep

Part-Up Heineken

“With Part-up we are exploring the possibility to deploy employees in other organizations using their talents. In this way, Heineken and our employees contribute to urgent social issues.”

Jacobien Phaff

Manager People Development


Part-Up UWV

“Part-up helps us to collaborate across teams. Colleagues can use their expertise and their talents on new or other tasks. That's good for job satisfaction and results”

Nicole Weijenberg

HR Director


The 6 advantages of Part-up:

Improve sustainable employability


Exchange capacity across departments quickly


Rapid deployment of people based on motivation, availability and competencies

Save on labour costs


Reduce costs for hiring, sick leave and staff turnover


Contribute to employee productivity with jobcrafting

Improve sustainable employability


Attract employees to perform tasks they feel excited about


Increase commitment to the organisation

The Part-up sales team

Our mission: Part-up was founded to make work more flexible, talent driven and effective by organizing it differently.

We support organizations and provide an online platform to make work and talent accessible. With our smart matching algorithms we organize work effectively and flexibly across the borders of positions, teams and departments (and even organizations). Also in times of crisis. The future of work: flexible, fast, effective!